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How to Discover your Past Life Through Past Life Regression

There are some fears and anxieties experienced but cannot be connected to your present life. You might as well experience depression or even physical pain that cannot be relieved through any diagnostic method. In such a case, you opt to undergo a past life regression which will offer answers to all the unanswered questions. There are several benefits that come with a past life regression which are; spiritual growth, creation of self- awareness and boosting of the mental health. Through following the guidelines of the past life regression therapy, you will be in a position to discover your past.

Your consciousness is first changed in the very first step of past life regression therapy. For you to meet with your past self, you will need to be in the right mental condition. With the help of your practitioner, you will go through a hypnotic condition. You should trust your practitioner by focusing on the images they give you. While in this state of hypnosis, you will be in a position to open yourself to any absurd communication. At times, the hypnotic condition will enable you to leave your body for some time.

While still in the hypnotic condition, you will get a chance to uncover your past self. Thorough the help of your practitioner, you will uncover your memories. You will be an active participant of your regression session although you might not be aware of it.

You will explore any feeling and emotion with the assistance of your practitioner. There is nothing that will miss being heard if it was meant to be heard. Experiences such as taste, smell, feeling, and other signals are told to the practitioner. Through asking some questions, your practitioner will as well gather more of your hypnotic experience.

Confronting your past is also another step undergone in the regression therapy. In most cases, you should expect unpleasant emotions as well as tough past experiences more so if you opted for the therapy due to emotional blocks. No matter how hard it might seem to uncover the anxieties, it is the way to getting answers to your questions. The best thing about a past life confrontation session is that you get all the answers to your question in just one session.

In the last step of the previous life regression therapy, your practitioner assists you in ending the session. You will gain your consciousness gradually with the help of your practitioner. You need to be ready for varying emotions such as relief and a feeling of crying. It is important to feel free to share your emotions with your practitioner and keep a journal of what you have learnt.

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