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The Benefits that Come with Consumption of Turmeric

The Indians have for a long time used turmeric as a spice and for its medicinal purposes as well. It is a powder that gives curry its yellow color and this meal is readily available so it us not by any chance a new substance. It is however likely that many people have no idea how useful turmeric powder is beside its use as a spice. There is claim that for the length of time Indians have used turmeric powder, they have known its medical benefits. In this article, some medicinal uses of turmeric powder have been discussed for the benefit of the many that may not have this information.

One of the most pronounced benefits of turmeric use is its anti-inflammatory characteristic. The body responds to infections through a few processes and inflammation is one of these very important responses. Inflammation is only beneficial for the tight length of time after which it ceases, otherwise a lot of tissue damage is reported. The anti-inflammatory effect of the powder is mediated by curcumin which is a chemical compound contained in little amounts in the powder. Intake of turmeric powder lowers the risk of prolonged inflammation that is harmful.

The chemical component of turmeric powder called curcumin is also useful in the body for its antioxidant effect. In body processes of metabolism, reactive species of oxygen are released and these compounds are very harmful to our tissues. The body gas ways of dealing with the reactive species of oxygen in order to stay safe from the effects that they normally have on the tissues. Intake of turmeric powder provides curcumin that has antioxidant properties that work in conjugation with the body’s own system to eliminate the radicals that would otherwise cause damage. Among others is the effect of radicals to damage DNA and therefore expose the individual to risks of mutations that are often undesired. With intake of turmeric powder, it is easier to evade the effects of radicals.

Curcumin also has another great effect on the endothelial walls of blood vessels and this property makes it a good prevented of heart diseases. Heart diseases are on the rise and are the leading killer diseases, interestingly, curcumin in turmeric powder is able to reduce to a great extent the occurrence of these diseases. The anti-inflammatory property as well as the effect of curcumin on blood vessels contribute greatly to the prevention of heart diseases. These are not the only benefits that come with the consumption of turmeric powder and it is good if we purposed to include in our diet more regularly.

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