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How to Pick a Pest Control Company

You’ve recently moved into a new address, only to find out that the house you purchased is crawling with pests – of all kinds. Packing up may not be an option, hiring a pest control company definitely is. But how do you even start?


First of all, you must see to it that the company you choose has insurance. You do not want any liability in case a worker injures himself within your premises. Call references if you’re not certain or approach the neighbors to refer you to an insured company they may know.

Company Reputation

Highly reputed pest control services typically have a website. If you already have a few prospects, visit their sites and read their customers’ testimonials (they will likely not include any negative ones, however). You can also look for reviews on popular consumer third-party websites like Angie’s List and Yelp.

Products Used

When you contact a pest control specialist, be sure to ask what type or types of pesticides they use. In the world of pest control, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work. You don’t exterminate rats with a product made for cockroaches. Find a service that employs a custom approach to every infestation.


Some pest control services try to tempt customers by giving them huge discounts. Problem is, this may not be exactly what your home needs at the moment. There’s a whole range of unique pest control packages anyway. In the end, you want a service that is happy to adjust according to your budget allows.

Consistent Reporting

As we said earlier, there are various kinds of pest control projects, but for the more complicated ones – for example, tent fumigation – regular reporting is necessary. Ask your prospective pest control company whether they provide such reports, especially if the schedule is tight. They will likely need to send over someone to inspect your home and determine the extent of infestation. This is the only way for them to accurately estimate the duration of the project. If they give you a timeframe over the phone without actually visiting your home, be wary. That is not a practice of a reputable pest control service.


In terms of the staff, you will, of course, want a company that trains its employees to act professionally. Do they treat you with respect when you’re talking on the phone or in person? How long do they put you on hold when you call? Do they have a reputation for keeping their promises? Do they wear proper uniforms? Do their products come with correct labels? Moreover, a pest control specialist must be glad to walk you through their methods and processes before starting the work.

Managing Recurrent Infestations

Finally, with the possibility of recurrence always present, you’ll want a company that can handle it well but without tying you down in a long-term agreement. In other words, commit yourself to the return of the company only if there are clear signs of re-infestation.

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