The Ultimate Guide to Sod

Tips for Choosing the Best Sod

A great looking lawn is something everyone wants. It makes your home look much better. Nevertheless, it is not something you will achieve overnight but it won’t be that difficult if you choose sod. Laying sod happens to be much easier than planting the lawn from scratch. Nevertheless, you need to be careful when picking the sod because if you make the wrong choice you will end up with a bad looking lawn. Before you bring the sod home it is also crucial for you to prepare the yard well. Examination of the sod will tell you a lot about whether it is good or not. This allows you to check the direction the grass has been rolled to. It should be tucked in to guarantee protection until the point where you are ready to lay the sod. Do not decide on the sod to buy until you have gotten the correct figure about its thickness. The healthy sod ought to be at least one inch thick. You will be assured of proper root system if the sod is thick enough which is a bonus on matters to do with planting.

The dirt side of the sod ought to have interlocking and visible roots. In addition, it will be much better if you choose sod that has many thick roots on the underside. Also, the color of the sod should be bright green all through. In case you encounter any patches that are brown or even yellow then you have to know that it is not the best pick for you. It won’t survive that long to the point where it takes root. In addition, the sod you choose should not be having any insects or weeds. If there are weeds they can spread to the rest of the yard and insects might destroy it before it even takes root. The moisture level in the sod is another thing you have to think about as well. Use your hands in feeling this too. Without proper moisture, the sod will end up drying.

Also, try tugging the grass blades to see whether they come off easily or not. In case the detachment of the grass is easy it means there is a problem with root formation and this is not the kind of sod you want. If the grass is firmly attached then its attachment on the ground will be quite easy too. Make sure you are aware of the average price of the sod too to avoid paying too much.

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